Marc James Johnson

Founder / Owner / CEO

My full name is Marc James Johnson, however, most people just call me “MJ“. If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll get the sense that I can get really passionate about things. From time to time, maybe the word “passionate” can be interchanged with the word “obsessed“!

At some time during my life, I’ve been obsessed with thing such as… {in somewhat chronological order} playing with matchbox toys, building things with Legos, battling imaginary wars with action figures, slamming down POGS with friends, playing basketball and baseball, collecting trading cards and comic books, geeking out with console and PC video games, binge watching Netflix, graduating from college with Business and Psychology degrees, learning a dozen computer programming and web markup languages, honing in on my website design abilities through years of trial and error, making a living by providing high-quality technology services, and genuinely just trying my best to be a friendly, funny, and helpful dude… and believe me the list could go have been more detailed, but you get the point that I’m probably a little OCD about things. LOL!

I bet that you have something in common with me. I bet you’re also passionate or obsessed about something. Do you have a business venture or passion project that you spend most of your free time thinking about or actually working on day in and day out? See… I knew it!

I’m passionate about helping people and their business ventures to become more profitable and more successful. I’m proud to support my clients while they make targeted investments that solve their complex website and internet marketing needs.

On this website’s Shop section, you can ‘Combine‘ a custom blend of our premium services to ‘Conquer‘ your complex website and internet marketing projects.

Give us a call at (541) 972-3399 or send us a contact form, and then let’s chat together about your obsession and then figure out how we can help you… COMBINE CONQUER!